About Porthole Space

Porthole Space is an alternative art venue in a private apartment in Deptford, London. Founder, curator and tenant, Sarah Jacobs, began showing work in her home in September 2012. It is located at 14 Deptford Broadway, Flat 5, London, SE8 4PA.

The impetus to start showing exhibitions came from two sources. “I came from Baltimore in the US,” she explains, “where funding for the arts is practically non-existent. There were a couple of fairly high-profile commercial galleries and very few funded artist-led spaces in the city, so underground exhibitions at artists and curators’ homes, studios, and spaces rented by the artists were the norm.”  One had to be in-the-know to hear about these and organisers often showed the work of their close contacts. Like the live/work exhibitions that went on in Baltimore Jacobs wants to make the best of an alternative space and put on an inexpensive to produce, excellent exhibitions. Unlike many of them, she offers inclusive opportunities where anyone could be involved, and intends to create a lasting and hopefully growing pattern of exhibition with a higher profile.

Jacobs’ other reason for starting Porthole Space came from meeting artists at open studios in London with high-quality work who said that they can’t get a show outside of their studio group. She also met artists at international residencies and in the US who live in small communities and do not know how to get anyone in an art centre to look at their work. “I realised,” she said, “that I have a surprisingly large live/work space in Deptford, an art centre in an incredible art capital, where I could give excellent artists, regardless of exhibition history, a platform.”  This is why Porthole Space asks applicants to open calls not to send CVs. “I know from being an artist the catch-22 of needing an exhibition history to get exhibitions,” Jacobs explains.

The physical space includes a large open plan living room/studio, a hallway and an office, so it is equivalent to an adequate-size commercial space. It is located at 14 Deptford Broadway, Flat 5, Deptford, London, SE8 4PA.

The Porthole Space is always interested in seeing new work and encourages artists to email images of artwork (no CVs) to sarahjacobsart@gmail.com


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